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Garden Of The Gods - Coming Soon To Screens Big & Small!

The time was April 2020. Outside, the world was locking down at the start of the COVID pandemic. But inside, digitally, we were together, building a wall out of tiny bricks. That's right - it was Garden of the Gods time.

Many months later (28 months, but who's counting?) our film festival run is finished. We've had some lovely success, traveled to meet lovely people, and now we're getting ready to share this short film with our supporters and the world.

A link to watch or download the film will be available next week - Wednesday, June 29! We'll post that link here! Additionally, we will have a private screening at Sidewalk Cinema in Birmingham, Alabama for supporters, cast, & crew.

Just for the record, GOTG did well in its festival days:

- Best Horror - Georgia Shorts Film Festival

- Best Director (Kyle Mackenzie Sullivan), Best Actor (Marley Gregory) - Southern Horror Film Festival

- Best Dark Drama, Finalist - Austin After Dark Film Festival - Semi-Finalist - Dumbo Film Festival - Official Selection - Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Upstate NY Horror Film Festival, Anomaly - The Rochester Genre Film Festival

We are very proud of this gem! Looking forward to sharing the link with you very soon =)

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