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"Garden Of The Gods" Cast & Crew

Here are the cast and crew for our film, plus all the folks who went to great lengths to help us make this film a reality.


Kyle Mackenzie Sullivan


Katie Boyer


Jehoshua Peters

Executive Producer

Katie Boyer


Marley A. Gregory

Daniel Farias

Director Of Photography

William Schweikert

Production Designer

Jen Miller Mishalanie

Production Designer - Masonry

Stephen Taylor

Masonry Crew

Ian McIntosh


Kyle Mackenzie Sullivan

Steve Ashlee

Eddy Fernandez Jr.

Associate Producer

Lorie Schumann

Janice Turtora Zagardo

Michael Turtora Zagardo

Costume Designer

Mary Katherine Bushnell

Music Composer

Brooke Mitchell

Casting Director

Bernadette Chapman

Assistant Director

Randy “Mongo” Halpern

First Assistant Camera

Justin West

Second Assistant Camera

Jennifer Freehling


Steve Ashlee

Camera Production Assistant

John Blair Richards

Key Grip

Shaun Wells

Production Sound Mixer

Lucas Skyler Scott

Hair & Make-up

Natalie Bonner

Key Production Assistant

Chad Burkhardt

Production Assistant

Colin Albea

Music Consultant

Lee Shook


“The Only One” - Salvo

Sound Design

David Zagardo

Title Design / Graphics

Josh Cooley

Special Thanks

Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema

Día de los Muertos Alabama

Taylor Hardscapes, Inc.

Jondrea Smith of Afrocnctric Designs, LLC

McElwain Baptist Church

Mountain Brook Community Church

Jzyk Ennis and Funeral Services Education Program at

Jefferson State Community College

David Bowles (Tlazohcamati!)

Paige Adkison

Andy Gray

Christina Cenczyk

Lorie Schumann

Tabitha Davis

Ashley Kitchens

Snow Wilson

Donna Farmer

Tobias Elmore

Sean Hackett, Lucas McNelly, & The Cavalry

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