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GOTG Vinyl Record Incentive Preparing To Ship


One of the several Seed & Spark incentives for the Garden Of The Gods short film campaign is officially a reality. Robyn of Red Space Records has finished pressing the Garden Of The Gods vinyl record into existence, packaged them, and has shipped them toward us. If you selected the vinyl incentive from among the tiers of support for the GOTG crowdsourcing campaign on Seed & Spark, then know it will be in the mail to you very soon! The record not only has the lovely score by Brooke Mitchell, but also two of the specially-crafted Edgar Allan Poe storyscapes with narration by Tobias Elmore =)

From the image Robyn shared with us, the packaging looks incredible! Cannot wait to get these out there.

If you are interested in vinyl, might we recommend the services of Red Spade. They were remarkably accommodating and helpful at all stages of the process. Creating our own vinyl record of Brooke Mitchell's score has been a satisfying portion of this whole affair.

General updates in the meantime: GOTG has been officially submitted for its first round of festival submissions. We await the decision of the gods. And the big behind-the-scenes-making-of video chronicling the principal production of Garden Of The Gods is inching closer to completion. More soon!

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